Life is like a wave with ups and downs. Go with the flow of life and enjoy it.
Do not make any hasty decisions. Plan meticulously. Always be practical.
Sufferings are blessings in disguise which you will realize later. Accept it.
It is not possible to achieve anything big without going through problems.
You will definitely win - not immediately but definitely. Have self-confidence.
Success will come only by self-effort,planning,preparation and persistence.
Have some loyal friends and helpers but do not rely too much on anyone.
Use will-power to control your mind and avoid fear, worry and depression.
Be bold and courageous. Timid people are not fit to live in this bad world.
Learn from past experience. Plan for the future. Have clear and high goals.
Live in the present. Always try to make the best use of current opportunities.
Do not take anything too seriously. There is benefit in every adversity in life.
Embrace all changes in life because it will surely lead to big benefit later on.
Meditate everyday and retrospect about everything. Always be calmly active.
Have detachment from people and possessions because all are temporary.
Big victory will always come only after sufferings, struggles and hard work.
Give importance to health, exercises, food, rest, relaxation and enjoyment.
Focus and channelize your energy on few vital things and not many trifles.
Never give up hope. Keep trying. Your day will come. You will be successful.